Project Description

At deko Design Uganda we offer Stone cladding services were we apply a stimulated stone  on a building as a protective and a decorative covering for an exterior or interior vertical walls and surfaces. Stone cladding in most cases is used to conceal off less appealing finishing such as concrete.

Granite stones
These are the most resilient stones that one can be used for outdoor decorative purposes; they are not affected by any weather conditions. Granite stones appear in a range of different colours, black galaxy, and absolute black, imperial white and golden leaf depending on one’s taste.

Marble stones
Unlike granite, marble stones are not weather resistant. They are greatly affected by temperature and rain. These are mainly used for interior sceneries in coffee brown, rose wood, white onyx and rain forest green.

Slate stone
These are thin in size, long lasting and weather resistant. The slates are good for both interior and exterior views. These are grey, lime green, black, tera red in colour and are easily scratched.